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Stagger ON!


Check here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), what little rules we have and a welcome letter you probably already read, but if not ... DO IT!

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Help Board

And so does crap. If you find bugs in the system, have suggestions to make the place better, or maybe you just need help - for any of the above, this place is for you! COMPLETELY GUEST FRIENDLY!

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by rogue

Staggers United


Need something? Try asking! Have something? Try giving! If you have tickets to sell, art cars to gift or car passes to acquire, this is the place to post!

Pics or it didn't happen!

This Thread Is Useless Without Pics, aka. TTIUWP, is a board where you should post any and all incriminating photos from this Burn!

OT chat

Totally not on the topic of anything that has to do with anything, especially not Burning Man. All random thoughts, moose eating giraffes and flying feather-flitting boas can be discussed here.

Essesntial Stagger Info

Stag Camp Info

Discover our philosophy, camp expectations and the general manner in which things are run. Find out about out Chaos Reduction Team and more about everything that helps Stag Camp one of a kind.

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by kateekaboom
Burning Man Guides

New to Burning Man? Find links and guides and everything you need to know to enjoy a fun, crisis free Burn!

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by mackerous
Helpful Links

Find various links to all things Burning Man, most of them unofficial and all of them extremely beneficial to read!

Last post: best place for gas before going into BM?
by westnileraven
Burner Events

If you know of Burner events happening in your area, let us know! You never can tell, some of us might just Stagger in!

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